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Urge Assemblymember Bloom to Adopt a Budget for Inland Oil Spills in California!


April 22, 2104– In addition to marine spills, the emerging oil transportation threat in California is crude oil by rail. In 2013, nearly 6.3 million barrels of oil was transported through California by rail. Right now, the State of California does not have an official program or funds to respond to an inland oil spill should one occur.

Please help us urge Assemblymember Bloom to adopt a budget for inland oil spills to ensure that California can efficiently and effectively respond to spills and minimize the negative impacts to humans, water, aquatic life, and farms.


Tell the LA Department of Water & Power: Conserve Water During the Drought!


February 25, 2014– We Angelinos take this historic drought seriously. Governor Brown has declared a State of Emergency. Rivers are running dry, landscapes are burning, fields and farms are drying up. Yet some agencies in Southern California have been very slow to address this emergency and call for a dramatic increase in water conservation and new policies and projects that will make Los Angeles more resilient in the face of drought and future climate change.

Los Angeles Waterkeeper and Save The Colorado River Campaign are now working together to encourage the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to support these policies and projects.

This historic emergency calls for increased efforts here and now! With a new General Manager in place, LADWP is poised to respond to the current situation with renewed focus and tenacity.

SIGN OUR PETITION NOW to urge LADWP to prioritize water conservation during the Drought

Tell Disney: Stop Promoting Fracking to Kids


Urge Radio Disney to Stop Promoting Oil and Gas Extraction to Kids

January 8, 2014– Radio Disney is partnering with the Ohio Oil and Gas Association to host “Rocking In Ohio”, a traveling program that teaches elementary school children the “importance” of the oil and gas industry. First performed at the Ohio State Fair in August, the show has now made over 26 stops at schools, science centers and county fairs. The presentation includes a pipeline-building competition, and hi-lights why science, technology and engineering are crucial in developing energy resources in Ohio.

We need your help! Tell Bob Iger, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, which is based in Los Angeles, to immediately halt their show promoting oil and gas extraction and pipelines to kids, and sever their partnership with the Ohio Oil and Gas Association. Radio Disney should not-under the guise of teaching kids “science”–promote dirty energy that gives kids asthma, pollutes our air and water, and fuels climate change. As the unrivaled broadcast radio network for kids and families, Disney should be engaging its listeners about energy that is kid safe and climate safe, not carbon polluting fossil fuels that put children and risk.

Radio Disney must immediately stop promoting oil and gas extraction to kids through its “Rocking in Ohio” road show, and sever its partnership with the Ohio Oil and Gas Association.



Save Los Angeles from Tar Sands Oil Transportation by Rail

Valero Wilmington Refinery- Dominguez Channel

Urge the City of Los Angeles and Southern California Air Quality Management District to Require Environmental Review and Public Comment for Valero’s Application to Transport Tar Sands Oil by Rail into LA

November 13, 2013– Valero Energy Corporation has proposed to build a rail terminal at the Port of Los Angeles and refine as much 60,000 barrels per day of diluted Canadian tar sands biutmen. Their recent application was submitted incomplete to the South Coast Air Quality Management District with an expedited start date of February 1, 2014. Valero claims that this new rail terminal and the increase of fuel sources will not significantly increase air pollution, health issues or liability risks.

We need your help! Tar sands bitumen is a low quality, heavy toxic-tar like substance, often existing as a solid at room temperature. When transferred to rail cars, it is diluted with other toxic petroleum products, creating a  liquid form called diluted bitumen, or ‘dilbit’. Dilbit is explosive and highly toxic, and has high levels of heavy metals that can accumulate  in the environment, causing health hazards to humans and wildlife. After a release of dilbit into a water  body, the heavy components separate from the diluent, sink in the water column, and collect in the  sediments at the bottom. Dilbit spills effectively destroy aquatic and marine habitats from top to bottom, and the conventional oil spill equipment is often not useful for bottom cleaning, making it extremely difficult to clean up. In addition, increasing rail explosions and oil spills are a major concern for transporting tar sands bitumen by rail into LA County.

It is essential that Valero be required to have a formal comment period and a comprehensive environmental review before they move forward with this project. Our water quality and public health is at risk!


Protect California Waters from Industrial Pollution


Urge the California State Water Board to Strengthen Industrial Pollution Standards

September 12, 2013– Too many California beaches, coastal areas and rivers are plagued by pollution from landfills, oil refineries, metal recycling facilities, and other industrial facilities. Polluted runoff from these facilities can contaminate our waterways with lead, aluminum and other toxic pollutants. California’s State Water Board has recently issued a Final Draft of their update to the 15-year old Industrial General Stormwater Permit. Unfortunately, after more than two years of work, the current Draft Permit fails to make necessary improvement, and in several respects, weakens industrial pollution controls.

We need your help! Please tell the State Water Board to develop a new, strong Industrial Stormwater Permit and require everyone to do their part to protect California’s precious waters.




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