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Los Angeles Waterkeeper safeguards LA’s inland and coastal waters by enforcing laws and empowering communities.


Our Advocacy Program works in tandem with our Litigation team and has formed the heart of L.A. Waterkeeper’s work since our founding in 1993. Its broad scope covers a wide breadth of issues including Pollution Prevention,  Species Protection, Oil Spill Prevention & Response, and Water Supply.



Watershed Program

Our Watershed Program includes our Community Water Watch and the River Assessment Fieldwork Team (RAFT) volunteer programs, which support our efforts to identify and address the sources of pollution that impact L.A. County rivers, streams, and beaches. Our program trains and deploys volunteer teams to assess indicators of water quality, including bacteria and metals. We use this data to support efforts to improve the ecological health of our waterways and watersheds, particularly through litigation.




Our litigation team is engaged in numerous projects that establish and enforce the limits on pollution necessary to protect the Los Angeles coastline and inland rivers, as well as litigation under the California Environmental Quality Act. Since 1993, we have settled numerous cases that limit the pollution reaching our waterways.



Dive Program

Since 1997, the dive program at Los Angeles Waterkeeper (LAW) has been an influential force on the water and in the water, engaging over 200 volunteer scientific divers in over 3,600 dives to monitor, protect and restore the region’s coastal waters. Our dive program has built a corps of dedicated divers who contribute to the protection of our coastal marine resources and represent an established a community of activists trained and ready to tackle future threats that compromise the health of our ocean.



Marine Protected Areas


IMG_2896A Marine Protected Area (MPA) is an area of the ocean where consumptive human activities such as fishing are limited or restricted in order to protect or conserve marine life or habitats. Our Marine Protected Areas program has worked for years to help ensure that the LA County network of MPAs are as large and as meaningful as possible, engaging the public, stakeholders, decision makers,  and ultimately the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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