Our Advocacy Program works in tandem with our Litigation team and has formed the heart of L.A. Waterkeeper’s work since our founding in 1993. Its broad scope covers a wide breadth of issues including Pollution Prevention, Species Protection, Oil Spill Prevention & Response, and Water Supply.

 Pollution Prevention

Inglewood Oil FieldOur Advocacy program works tirelessly to keep harmful pollutants out of our rivers, beaches, and bays. Some of the current pollution issues we are advocating for involve fracking, plastic pellet pollution, and storm water pollution. Find out more, or report pollution on our Pollution Prevention page.




Oil Spill Prevention & Response


We work to raise awareness about the major environmental concerns related to oil spills in Los Angeles County. We also reach out to and work with the local agencies and companies who are stakeholders in the oil industry to ensure that all of the right steps are being taken to prevent a spill from happening. Find out more on what you can do to help.



 Species Protection

OtterOur Litigation and Advocacy programs work together to ensure protections for species at risk along the L.A. County Coastline. Find out how we are preventing pollution from reaching Areas of Special Biological Significance in Los Angeles and advocating on behalf of the Southern Sea Otter.





Water Supply

2983970905_54e9f9beca_bOur Advocacy program is involved in several efforts to develop and implement an integrated regional water plan that addresses LA’s water pollution problems and water supply issues. We urge state and local agencies to prioritize conservation and water reuse and recycling before options like water imports and desalination. We are also working hard to work with cities and L.A. County to develop regional water management plans that use stormwater as a resource for augmenting local groundwater aquifers.

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