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LA Waterkeeper’s Community Programs are building arenas of dialogue in communities continually polluted by street dumping and businesses that defy the Clean Water Act. This community driven action brings to the table more opportunities for stakeholder involvement in monitoring the health of our habitat. Our MPA Watch Boat Trip program and other Water Quality programs are driven by volunteer participation. Sun Valley, Vernon and the Alameda corridor of Los Angeles are areas that are calling for community volunteer attention. Some businesses in these areas that deal with recycling, dismantling of automobiles, and manufacturing of plastics continue to sacrifice the habitat and its inhabitants for profit. Local volunteers from these neighborhoods can help monitor the sources of contaminants that seep into our water tables, and flow into our public streets and storm drains that feed into the ocean. These acts of pollution continue to degrade life in these ignored and continually violated communities. If you live in these areas, join us in the community dialogue to share ways in which we can better work together to monitor pollution sources in your neighborhood.

Sunflower Farms at 17609 Western Ave, Gardena, CA will host an LA Waterkeeper outreach, education and dialogue gathering on April 26, 2014 at 10AM.

For information on this offering and other community programs, including ongoing MPA Watch Boat Trips, contact Michael Quill at 1-310-394-6162 Ext. 113 or

*Also – Please contact Michael if you’d like to sponsor a Los Angeles Waterkeeper outreach and education event in or near these communities.

– Michael Quill, Community Programs Manger

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