The Drought: What You Can Do to Save Water

In January 2014, Governor Brown announced a State of Emergency: California is having the worst drought in recorded history. As of September 9, 2014, the majority of California is still in exceptional and extreme drought conditions (United States Drought Monitor   Map shown above). The Drought is affecting us economically, socially and environmentally and it is not expected to end anytime soon, regardless of El Nino conditions that may bring wetter weather this winter.

Despite the severity of these circumstances, Angelinos are still using 122-129 gallons of water per day. Water conservation is always important in Los Angeles, but this year no Californian can afford to waste any water. While Los Angeles Waterkeeper works with state and local leaders to develop long-term solutions to conserve, recycle and reuse water for California, you can do your part  to conserve water on a daily basis.

What can I do?

Follow the Water Usage Restrictions

First and foremost, be aware of your cities’ water usage restrictions. In response to the diminishing water supplies, the City of Los Angeles has adopted several water conserving ordinances. For example, there are specific days of the week that residents are allowed to water their lawn, and only before 9:00 am and after 4:00 pm. Restaurants are also no longer allowed to serve water unless it is requested by a customer. Be sure to review and follow  all of the water usage restrictions (found here), or you run the risk of daily fines up to $600. You can also find out what water conserving ordinances have been set in place for other cities throughout California here.

Save Water

Saving water is easier than you think. Taking shorter showers, only running the dishwasher when you have a full load, washing your car at the car wash instead of at home, and switching from a lawn to water-efficient landscaping are just some of the ways you can do your part to conserve water. Check out our water-saving tips now!

Help Us Advocate for Water Conservation, Reuse and Recycling

LA Waterkeeper’s Advocacy program is involved in several efforts to develop and implement an integrated regional water plan that addresses LA’s water supply issues. We urge state and local agencies to prioritize conservation and water reuse and recycling before options like water imports and desalination. We are also working hard to work with cities and LA County to develop regional water management plans that use stormwater as a resource for augmenting local groundwater aquifers. Stay up to date with what we’re doing by following LA Waterkeeper on social media and getting on our mailing list so you can receive important action alerts.


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