A Clean Water Agenda For the Next Governor of California

California’s next Governor should be committed to achieving swimmable, fishable, drinkable waters for all communities and ecosystems; to ensure
safe and affordable drinking water for all Californians; to protect the health of our coastal, surface, and groundwater resources; to enforce clean water laws so that our beaches and bays are safe to enjoy; and to restore our river flows to sustain native fish, ecosystems, and local economies.


With the federal government rolling back clean water protections, we need strong California Water Boards to hold polluters accountable. California has some of the strongest water laws on the books, but they are only powerful if they are enforced, as Virginia Strom-Martin, former State Assembly member, has pointed out in her recent piece.

who we appoint for our next Governor will have a massive impact on California’s water future as they will appoint the water board members. These boards are in charge of protecting all of California’s freshwater resources, as well as the bays, estuaries and 1,100 miles of coastline. That’s a lot – let’s make sure we have the right people for the job!

California Coastkeeper Alliance has developed a Clean Water Agenda for the Next Governor of California, providing a roadmap of activities the next governor should undertake to ensure swimmable, fishable, and drinkable water for all Californians:

  • Enforce Clean Water Laws to Hold Polluters Accountable
  • Ensure Safe And Affordable Drinking Water For All
  • Ensure Water Reliability for A Hotter, Drier Future
  • Address Pollution Threats So California Beaches and Bays Are Swimmable
  • Take Meaningful Steps to Curtail Agricultural Pollution and Water Use
  • Enforce Existing Laws So California Rivers Flow
  • Protect Our Groundwater Supplies
  • Our ultimate goal is that California becomes a leader on clean water in the way the state has led on climate change and other issues. Check out the Clean Water Accountability Project to learn more.

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