Creeks to Coast

Our Marine and Watershed Programs have combined forces to provide a hands-on STEM education experiential learning opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to explore our interconnected waterways in LA County. Moving from in-class presentations to hands-on fieldwork, students measure human impacts, collect water quality data and record observations at our LA River and Ballona Creek and in our Santa Monica Bay’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Students explore our inland waterways, and also crew the Waterkeeper boat. Students have the opportunity to activate the data and their fieldwork experiences as part of research projects and possible civic actions. Students follow the creeks to the coast, growing as environmental stewards of our interconnected waterways.


IN THE CLASSROOM: Watershed modeling with our Marine Program Director, Michael Quill, and our Watershed Programs Manager, Melissa von Mayrhauser (not pictured).

EXPLORING OUR INLAND WATERWAYS: Students conduct hands-on fieldwork along our Los Angeles River and Ballona Creek sites.

ON THE OCEAN: Joining our MPA Watch Boat-Based Survey Crew is a highlight for Creeks to Coast students.

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