LA Waterkeeper Lawsuit Settlement is Another Step towards Clean Water for LA

On April 25, 2014, the federal district court in Los Angeles entered five consent decrees settling our most recent lawsuits against Bestway Recycling’s five sites located in Gardena, Los Angeles, Culver City and Pomona. Following months of investigation and sample collection by our S.W.A.T. team, which revealed that the Bestway Recycling’s facilities have been discharging polluted storm water into the Los Angeles River, Dominguez Channel and the Santa Ana River watershed in violation of the statewide industrial storm water permit, we filed our complaints in November 2013.
As with all of our other citizen lawsuits, the goal of our enforcement actions was to bring Bestway Recycling, a waste materials recycling company, into compliance with its permit and the Clean Water Act and eliminate violations of water quality limits in Los Angeles area waters. Rather than engaging in a prolonged legal battle, Bestway Recycling agreed to address the permit violations identified by us and to improve the storm water pollution control measures at all five sites. Over the next several years, Bestway Recycling will take a variety of steps ranging from educating its employees about storm water pollution prevention to utilizing  state-of-the-art non-chemical surface cleaning machines to prevent the discharge of pollutants from all of its sites. The result: five industrial sites committed to eliminating toxic storm water discharges into Los Angeles waterway = another victory for clean water in LA!

– Tatiana Gaur, Staff Attorney

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