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The Pt. Dume MPA – State Marine Reserve is closed to any kind of fishing or take of any kind –
Violations can be reported to the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) anonymously at 1-888-334-2258.

I have been working with the California Wildlife Center (CWC) Rescue team at Point Dume in Malibu. We’ve been discussing how we might collaborate to spread the word about their rescue program along with MPA information. The Pt. Dume MPA includes a State Marine Reserve (SMR) that runs from Paradise Cove to mid-Zuma Beach, and a State Marine Conservation Area (SMCA) that runs from mid-Zuma Beach up to the end of El Matador State Beach. There has been a recent increase in the number of distressed or dead sea lions washing up on the shores of the SMR. If you see one:

KEEP AWAY FROM THE SEA LIONS – it is against Federal Law to make contact with them.
Call the CWC Emergency Hotline to report the sighting – 310 458-WILD (9453)
CWC’s Facebook page – CWC’s web site

What I don’t see from on the water during our MPA Watch Boat Trips is the well-worn condition of Pt. Dume State Park. Fences are down and walkways are falling into the ocean in many places. Each time I have visited the park land this past month, I have witnessed visitors walking off designated pathways disturbing the fragile cliffs, and at times trampling plant life. I have also witnessed dog owners illegally allowing their dogs to run off leash. Last month, dogs running off leash mauled a stranded sea lion. Pt. Dume State Park web site  Phone – (310) 457-8143

The Waterkeeper will soon be back on the water after getting her yearly tune up. If you’d like to volunteer to crew a MPA Watch Boat Based Survey Trip register here.(Remember to include your emergency contact info in the “comments” window of the volunteer sign up page)

Check out the MPA Watch Boat Trip schedule at –
Michael Quill, LAW Community Programs Manager –

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