Marine Protected Areas

A Marine Protected Area (MPA) is an area of the ocean where consumptive human activities such as fishing are limited or restricted in order to protect or conserve marine life or habitats. Our Marine Protected Areas program has worked for years to help ensure that the LA County network of MPAs are as large and as meaningful as possible, engaging the public, stakeholders, decision makers, marine scientists, community groups and ultimately the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

In January 2012, two areas along our Los Angeles coastline were designated as MPAs– Point Dume and Point Vicente-Abalone Cove. Our program conducts regular, on the water outreach and education trips with volunteers called “MPA Watch”, to monitor human uses of the the Santa Monica Bay water in and around the restricted fishing areas. We also do outreach to local fisherman, businesses, schools, residents and the public about the current boundaries, passing out the Department of Fish and Wildlife certified maps and communicating with the fishing and water sports communities about the allowed uses and expected benefits of our MPAs.


Find out where the MPAs in Los Angeles County are located: Santa Monica Bay MPA Map (Spanish)

For more information on the MPA rules and regulations: LAW Guide to MPA regulations  (Spanish)

Learn more about our MPA Watch volunteer opportunities!

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