May 18 – Waterkeeper Responds to State Water Board’s Consideration to Readopt Drought Emergency Regulations

Please consider this statement in response to today’s California State Water Resources Control Board’s consideration of a proposed resolution amending and readopting drought-related emergency regulations for urban water conservation. This statement is submitted by Los Angeles Waterkeeper Executive Director Bruce Reznik. He may be reached for further comment by contacting Lauren Zerweck at 619-315-1905 or

“Nearly 72 percent of the state remains in severe drought conditions and snowpack is at only half the average for this time of year. Clearly, we are not out of the drought, so the question is: why would the State Water Board choose to weaken and undermine a tremendously effective conservation program that is one of the most successful water programs ever enacted in the state? This type of antiquated approach to water is what got us in a crisis in the first place.

Moreover, their last-minute inclusion of the regional aggregation conservation standards will allow poor-performing water agencies to hide behind the good conservation numbers produced by our better-performing water agencies. We need to stop short-term thinking about water that lurches us from crisis to crisis. In order to ensure we can deliver clean, safe water to all of our communities in a way that is sustainable, equitable and cost-effective, California needs to continue with the existing emergency water conservation regulations until it adopts permanent conservation standards.”

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