MPA Foggy Summer Dolphin Days

Dolphin flying 7-13 Malibu

Most of our MPA Watch trips this summer have been cloaked in blankets of dense fog. However, the thick layer of marine moisture has not dampened the fishing action in Santa Monica Bay. While we have had the opportunity to monitor violations and the pass out MPA maps and regulations to those community members who are unaware of the restricted fishing area regulations, most folks are fishing legally outside of the MPAs.

Several new volunteers have joined our core of volunteer crew-members for on board training in MPA Watch on the water survey protocol. LA Waterkeeper’s continued outreach and education efforts on the water, and on land, is getting word out to those who fish the waters of the Bay, but we do come across folks who haven’t heard the MPA word. Continued efforts to spread the word are ongoing.

Along the way to Point Dume and Pt. Vicente, numerous encounters with dolphins have provided some unique photographic opportunities for volunteers who bring their cameras along during our MPA Watch trips. We have also had encounters with quite a few of the illusive Mola Mola, aka California Sunfish.

For more information and volunteer opportunities on our MPA Watch trips, check out our calendar of events and contact Michael Quill, Marine Protected Areas Project Manager at

-Michael Quill, Marine Protected Areas Project Manager

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