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An MPA is an area of the ocean where consumptive human activities such as fishing are limited or restricted in order to protect or conserve marine life or habitats.In January 2012, two areas along our Los Angeles coastline were designated as Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)– Point Dume and Point Vicente-Abalone Cove. Your can learn more about our Marine Protected Areas program here.

Our MPA Watch volunteer program conducts regular, on the water outreach and education trips to monitor human uses of the the Santa Monica Bay water in and around the restricted fishing areas. Volunteers are trained on-board the Waterkeeper boat to crew our trips, and survey the Point Dume and Point Vicente-Albalone Cove MPAs. Volunteers will also get a chance to connect with other stakeholders of the community that join the excursions while witnessing up close whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals and a variety of birds and other species that depend on and deserve clean water and a sustainable habitat. Professional photographers like Tom Boyd have captured amazing photos of marine life on MPA Watch, so make sure to bring your camera.

MPA Watch trips run about 4-5 hours long various days of the week and meet in Marina Del Rey.

Contact Michael Quill at to sign up.

Check out the calendar for upcoming MPA Watch dates.

Video of dolphin sightings on MPA Watch!

Our MPA Watch program also partners with other non profit organizations, like New Earth, to provide an opportunity for youth to build a sense of community and environmental stewardship while learning citizen skills.  New Earth youth have been crewing LAW MPA boat trips since 2013, and a few youth have just begun SCUBA classes sponsored partially by Waterkeeper.

Harry Grammer, Founder/CEO of New Earth Organization stated, “After each Waterkeeper trip the young men have talked about having a renewed sense of feeling alive, living on purpose, and contributing to a worthy cause. Many of them have never been on a boat in the ocean and these trips have made a huge impact on the way they see the world.”

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