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The 2014 Winter MPA Photo Contest deadline is quickly approaching on March 21. This is our sixth MPA Photo Contest and we have seen some incredible photos! The goal of these photo contests is to collect photos of our new MPAs and develop a photo-timeline of their existence.

MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) are areas in the ocean where consumptive activities, like fishing, are prohibited or restricted. Similarly to our National Parks on land like Yosemite and Yellowstone, MPAs are like underwater National Parks where all natural resources are protected. Here, off the coast of LA, there are two MPAs that were established in 2012. They are located in Malibu around Point Dume and in Palos Verdes around Point Vicente and Abalone Cove. From the land and water these areas are absolutely beautiful and have now become wildlife hotspots. Ideally, that directly translates to an increase in Eco-tourism and a boost for the local economy.

By submitting your photos of these MPAs, we will be able to get a visual sense for these areas, and hopefully begin to easily see how the MPAs are developing.

Submit photos you have taken of the MPAs this winter! All you have to do is email your high quality photos to with the signed agreement found here
Or check out our website for details.

-Amanda Gruen, Marine Protected Areas Outreach Coordinator

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