New MPA Watch Volunteers Collect Data and Balloons

Joey-Nikita-Nathan balloons 11-2013

Waves of new volunteers from New Earth, Santa Monica College, Antioch University BA and Bridge Program, Canyon High School, Kennedy High School, Humbolt State, CSUN, CSLB, Santa Monica High School, and Pacifica Graduate Institute have joined other diverse members of our community who are answering the call to tend to our ailing waters by getting involved at LA Waterkeeper.

MPA Watch Projects continue to put maps and information, in both Spanish and English, into the hands of fisherman from our boat during MPA Watch Boat Trips, and through various locations including marinas, fuel docks, bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores, dive shops, and public boat launches.

Weekly MPA Watch boat trip surveys collect data and bunches of balloons on a regular basis. We have collected over 100 balloons out of the water in just five MPA Watch trips over the past month. The balloons themselves are a threat to creatures who mistakenly ingest them becoming sick or choking to death. The ribbons or strings attached to the balloons can entangle and drown some, while others are drawn to ingest the plastic tabs often found at the end of the balloon ties. Balloons may be cheap fun but at what cost? Just say no to balloons! If you have to have balloons in your life, please don’t let them go.

If you’d like to volunteer and get involved by land or by sea, please contact me, Michael Quill, MPA Projects Manager at

-Michael Quill, MPA Projects Manager

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