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Whitsett Intake Pumping Plant

Whitsett Intake Pumping Plant


We all know, or should know, that California is in a serious drought. But do you really think on a daily basis about conserving the water that so easily flows from our faucets every time we need it? After all, it is hard to reconcile the idea of water scarcity, and modify our habits, while enjoying uninterrupted and convenient access to water.

Yes, we have heard, read and seen the stories about children and women in Africa having to walk miles each day just to fetch water for their family’s cooking, washing and other everyday needs. Now do you imagine they waste even a drop of that water they worked so hard to get? We would not either if we were in their place. But wait, we are in their place because a huge portion of our water has to travel at least 2 days before it reaches our kitchens and bathrooms.

Just a few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to travel along the Colorado Aqueduct in a trip organized by the Metropolitan Water District to see first-hand the enormous infrastructure and investment necessary to bring at least 30% of our water supply. I was awed by the engineering thought behind the aqueduct, its pumping plants and treatment plants, all working together to transport, clean and deliver our water. But more than anything I was starkly reminded how precarious our water supply is and how truly precious every drop of water flowing from my faucet is. This problem is one that Los Angeles Waterkeeper takes seriously and works to solve through our Dirty for the Drought campaign, our work with Coalition for Our Water Future and our litigation efforts to clean up and infiltrate stormwater in groundwater aquifers. You can support our work for a sustainable water supply at www.lawaterkeeper.org.

-Tatiana Gaur, Senior Attorney

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