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Restoration Coalition Launches New Website 

Los Angeles Waterkeeper is thrilled to announce the launch of a collaborative website that showcases our work with the Wetlands Restoration Principles (WRP) Coalition. The newly minted site publicizes our campaign to implement a set of scientific principles to guide widespread wetland restoration efforts.



Southern California has lost 95% of its historical coastal wetlands, often as a result of infill and development. It is imperative for ecological restoration initiatives to streamline their governing principles, so that tested and true scientific research can propel wetlands revival projects toward their maximum potential.

Our website, developed in partnership with Friends of Ballona Wetlands, Heal the Bay, and Surfrider Foundation, will serve as a tool for advocating wetlands restoration in Southern California and elsewhere. We present our fundamental principles—coined the Wetlands Restoration Principles (WRP)—as well as examples of each principle in practice. We showcase exemplary restoration projects from around the state that incorporate the principles we promote, and serve as models for future efforts. We bring together a broad coalition of environmental groups that support our guidelines, and we invite additional organizations and individuals to sign on in support!


A coalition of environmental advocacy groups—spearheaded by the leadership of LA Waterkeeper, Friends of Ballona Wetlands, Heal the Bay, and Surfrider Foundation—came together to develop a comprehensive, scientific set of principles that we believe should govern wetlands restoration projects in Southern California and beyond.

The WRPs were released in April 2015, and nine additional organizations signed on in solidarity with these straightforward and common sense guidelines. Their feedback, as well as that from local wetlands experts, has been instrumental in the website development. Our leadership group shared the Principles with key stakeholders including the California Coastal Commission, California Fish and Game Commission, elected officials, and concerned citizens in the summer of 2016.


Next Steps

LA Waterkeeper and the rest of the WRP Coalition eagerly anticipate the release of the Environmental Impact Report/Statement (EIR/EIS) regarding the Ballona Wetlands restoration plan. We were originally supposed to see the draft EIR in 2012, but its release has been delayed yet again until mid-2017! This delay is unacceptable: without action, the wetlands will continue to deteriorate. Sign this petition today to demand movement on this much-needed restoration work.

Beyond Ballona, we aim to utilize our new website to educate elected officials and all Californians about the necessity for scientifically sound, comprehensive wetland restoration plans that bring back functioning, thriving ecosystems. We look forward to the implementation of the WRPs at Ballona and throughout Southern California, and we hope our coalition can serve as a model for other regions to streamline their local restoration efforts.

Please sign on to join as a partner of the Wetlands Restoration Principles!


Thank you to the WRP Coalition and all of our partners!

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