September to Remember


It’s that time of year again– back to school, back to work, back to normal life. And for us in Southern California, September is the month that reminds us of the rainy season just around the corner. As a child, I loved the rain and its amazing power to wash and clean up everything, replacing the heat and dust with bright colors and the fresh smell of water, soil and plants. The rain, although I get to experience it a lot less here than in my native country Bulgaria, has not lost its magic for me. But together with the joy of seeing and smelling the flowering, ever-nurturing water, I feel the uneasiness of the knowledge that the traces of our fun-filled summer, and really of everything we humans do here on land, end up as nasty, pollution-laden soup in our rivers, creeks and the beloved Santa Monica Bay.

So, as any environmentalist worth her salt, I try to teach my son and daughter about our impact on the environment and make a point of asking them not to trash or waste water, explaining that what we do affects the animals and the plants in the rivers and oceans, even though we do not see them. That has made for some difficult questions from my third-grader who wonders in disbelief, just as I do, “But why do people trash?” I have long stopped trying to answer this question. Indeed I teach her to be responsible for what she does because the choices and actions each one of us takes is what counts. And while I don’t know if she will end up working to save the ocean, as she tells me now, I am tempted to think that the simple lessons I am teaching her at age 7 will stay with her as she grows up.

This Saturday is another excellent opportunity to teach our children and ourselves about the right and responsibility we have to enjoy and protect our beaches, rivers, creeks, and lakes by participating in Coastal Cleanup Day. Please join us at Dockweiler Beach, Tower 60 for a fun and educational day on the sand! For more information, click here.

– Tatiana Gaur, Staff Attorney

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