Time to Clean Up Our Playground!


One of my favorite things in Los Angeles is the beach. I am willing to forgive and forget any and all horrifying traffic experiences on our congested freeways the moment I get to the sand, see the shimmering blue vastness of the ocean and feel the breeze.

Growing up in a smallish town in Bulgaria which frequently turned into a furnace during the summer with no nearby cooling escapes, I looked forward to our two-week summer vacation at the Black Sea the entire year and then grieved for months after the short period of fun at the beach ended. So I have always considered myself extremely fortunate to end up living by the beach and I think most of us living here would agree that one of the greatest perks of LA is the beach. Whether it’s birthday parties, playdates, dates, weddings, concerts, weekend outings, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day holidays, get-togethers of any kind – we Angelenos go to the beach to celebrate and have fun for any occasion. And the beach and our ocean never stop giving – the cool water, the glistening sun, the sand. Even when we are not so nice, as my 4-year old would say, in return and leave our trash in the sand to be dispersed by wind, washed away into the ocean and eaten by the sea life that we so much enjoy seeing in the water.

Well, it’s time to clean up our playground and LA Waterkeeper invites you to join us on September 20 at Dockweiler State Beach for Coastal Clean Up Day! Last year nearly 60,000 volunteers participated in beach clean ups throughout California collecting 375 tons of trash and recyclable materials. You can be, no you should be one of these volunteers this year and give back to our amazing beaches and ocean.

Thank you!

For more information and to sign up for LA Waterkeeper’s Coastal Cleanup Day site at Dockweiler Beach, Tower 60, click here.

-Tatiana Gaur, Staff Attorney

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