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Debris is a major class of contaminants found in the Southern California Bight (from Santa Barbara to San Diego) and its coastal watersheds. Human generated debris causes severe adverse effects to marine and terrestrial wildlife via ingestion and bioaccumulation of contaminants, entanglement, smothering, and destruction of habitat. It is estimated that 80% of marine debris is generated from land-based sources.

Ballona Creek Trash Boom

Our Trash Survey volunteer project is doing a study of trash in urban rivers from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Join us for this important study in the LA River and Santa Monica Bay watersheds to find out exactly how much, and what kind of trash is polluting our waters.  Volunteers will collect data using the Rapid Trash Assessment Method at local creeks, rivers, and beaches. This is a great activity for ages 16 & up, requires little training, and will directly benefit the environment! The resulting data is used to empower our local communities with information, and inform local, statewide, and national clean water policies to reduce the amount of plastic and trash debris that end up on our beaches and in our waters.

To sign up, fill out the volunteer form below and be sure to check out our events calendar for upcoming dates.

Note: This volunteer opportunity requires a commitment to training exercises and 2 days of river site surveys


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