We believe that everyone has the right to a clean and healthy environment, and we rely on people like YOU to help us make it happen!

MPA Watch

Quill with Kalia and Daniel -7-13 Malibu GPS InstructOur MPA Watch program gives volunteers a chance help survey and monitor the human activities in Marine Protected Areas of the Santa Monica Bay. This unique experience on our Waterkeeper boat also lets volunteers witness up-close whales, sea lions, seals, dolphins and a variety of birds that depend on and deserve clean water and a sustainable habitat. For more information, contact Michael Quill at mquill@lawaterkeeper.org.

Watershed Programs

Our Watershed Programs connect volunteers with opportunities to monitor ecosystem health, water quality, and their connections to public health. Our Community Water Watch volunteers collect polluted industrial stormwater in our neighborhoods, while our River Assessment Fieldwork Team (RAFT) volunteers monitor biological integrity and water quality along the LA River. For more information, contact Melissa von Mayrhauser at melissavm@lawaterkeeper.org.

Dive Program

Kelp Project Diver Removes UrchinsOur dive program has built a corps of dedicated divers who contribute to the protection of our coastal marine resources and represent an established a community of activists trained and ready to tackle future threats to the health of our ocean. This  program is widely recognized for its sustained hands-on approach, in which volunteer scuba divers work with our staff to conserve undersea habitats. For more information, contact Michael Quill at mquill@lawaterkeeper.org.

Beach Cleanups

2012-law_babyOur major beach cleanup takes place on Coastal Cleanup Day, the largest volunteer day on the planet! Coastal Cleanup Day is a great opportunity for schools, companies, families and community groups to come together and help clean up our beaches. We also host private beach cleanups for companies, classrooms, and community groups. If you are interested in setting up a private beach cleanup with Los Angeles Waterkeeper please contact Mithsy Hernandez at mithsy@lawaterkeeper.org.

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