Wanted: A Few Good Cities (and Citizens!) Willing to Convert from Water Guzzlers to Water Realists

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Even the Golden State, with all its affluence and hordes of smart, successful people, cannot outsmart nature and simple math: you cannot use more water than you have, especially in a time of serious drought. Surprisingly, and encouragingly, this message was sent by our Governor, loud and clear, albeit a little too late, to everyone who cares to hear it in the first-ever executive order imposing mandatory water use restrictions in California. The message itself is not surprising – we all knew we have to reduce our water use if the drought continued, as it did this winter.

What is surprising is that most Californians, and the cities and water utilities managing and providing us with our H20, did not really take the drought seriously, but in fact increased their water use after the Governor declared a drought state of emergency in January 2014. So, in the end, we had to be told by Mr. Brown that what NOAA and everyone else who knows anything about water resources in California had already said was true: we are running out of water and we need to save it if we want to continue enjoying the beautiful Golden State.

The cities and water districts who ignored this hard truth will now have to cut water use in some cases by more than a third. Yes, changing our habits can be hard but we simply have no choice. The good news is that we can all help make a dent in the drought: no more large lush loans year-round, no more growing tropical rain forest plants in a semi-arid climate, no more 30 minute showers, no more running water while you brush your teeth, no more car washes every two weeks. There are countless ways to save our water and still enjoy the California. Some of us, like the residents of Long Beach, are already doing it. Today is the day to become a water realist!

Get started by taking LA Waterkeeper’s Dirty Car Pledge to not wash your car for 60 days. We’ll send you a static cling sticker for your car that helps raise awareness about water conservation while you drive throughout LA.

-Tatiana Gaur, Senior Attorney

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