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Where Water Quality Work Meets Water Supply

Water scarcity is particularly severe in Southern California, which receives only about one-third of the state’s precipitation but accounts for about two-thirds of the state’s water consumption. While the region has historically relied on water imported from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Colorado River to meet its needs, these sources are over-tapped. With California’s population growing, changes in climate patterns, and oversubscribed aquifer and river systems, cities like Los Angeles are pressed to find new sources of water.

Our Advocacy program is involved in several efforts to develop and implement an integrated regional water plan that addresses LA’s water pollution problems and water supply issues. We urge state and local agencies to prioritize conservation and water reuse and recycling before options like water imports and desalination. We are also working hard to work with cities and L.A. County to develop regional water management plans that use stormwater as a resource for augmenting local groundwater aquifers.

Learn more about our approach to integrated water management in our 2014-2018 Impact Report.

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